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Sooo tiiired ...

A nice weekend. On Saturday, I had a training session at the nursing home where I'm volunteering, and it was great to interact with the other 10 (or so) volunteers who were there, nice to hang out for a few hours with a bunch of people who care about serving the same demographic.

On Sunday, Shannon and I hung out together a lot, including taking a semi-long walk (it probably seemed longer than it was, because the first half was almost entirely uphill) up to the Berkeley Rose Garden, Codornices Park, and onward up to the little "secret" waterfall above Codornices Park. It was a great afternoon together.

Today, CWC, which was good. I've started work on this year's holiday cards, since my collaging is soooo slow. If I just bought cards in a store, it would take a few minutes, but instead I'll spend the next 4 or 5 months doing the collagey thing. But, then, much of the reason I made my cards last year, and am making them again this year, is that I enjoy the *process* of making them as much as I enjoy the social aspect of *sending* them.

This year, though, I'm going to make cards in envelopes, since last year Annie's holiday postcard arrived entirely blank, because all the collaged bits just fell completely off while in the hands of the USPS. At least this way, if pieces fall off, they'll still be in the envelope, and the recipients can just creatively decide for themselves how the bits were supposed to fit together. They'll be interactive holiday cards! Heh.

Then today I discovered that my backpack has holes in the bottom. Not quite large enough for stuff to fall out, but once there are holes in something, those holes tend to multiply and grow and just generally go to town. Holes lead to rips lead to loss of your stuff. So I'm shopping for a new backpack. Yes, this is news in my life, people, because my backpack is a major daily resource. Those of us with no cars need such things. Anyway, so I'm probably going to get this backpack, which has all kinds of snazzy stuff for bicyclists, such as a front pouch that will fit a bike helmet inside, a loop at the bottom of the front that's intended as a place to clip on a rear bike light, reflective strips here and there, etc. Pretty cool!

Aside: How cool is it that Zappos does all kinds of videos demonstrating the merchandise they sell on their website? I watched their videos about three of the different backpacks I was considering, and it was extremely useful to see someone wear one, unzip all the compartments and show inside, point out nifty features, etc. I've never shopped Zappos, but I'm feeling quite fond of them at the moment.

I talked to our contractor guy (the one who did our garage, our upstairs deck, etc.), and it looks like he's going to do some work on our downstairs bathroom for us. How exciting! In particular, I will be extremely enthused about having a deeper tub, because the one that came with the house is very shallow, and so I can't really have a relaxing bath in it. If I'm going to soak in the tub, I really prefer to be more than half submerged! The contrast of hot and cold might be nice for hot fudge sundaes, but not for bubble baths. So someday soon we will have a bubble-bath-appropriate tub, and I can soak to my heart's content. Huzzah! Well, first there will be much noisy tromping and crashing and banging and plaster dust and general inconvenience, but I like to focus on the assumed exciting conclusion.

In very minor and slightly embarrassing news, I've been watching a tv show called "Kyle XY" on Netflix streaming. It's really quite bad, but I find it almost hypnotically relaxing. I just keep watching episodes and enjoying them, even though I know snooty people would frown upon this low-brow entertainment. Hm. Perhaps I should make sure to eat Spaghettios and Ding Dongs (both of which are in the kitchen right now) while I watch it.

Okay. Off to bed. Stuff to do tomorrow.

Volunteering and Decoupage

Today I went to check out a west Berkeley nursing facility for the elderly, to see if I might want to volunteer there. The population is less physically able than some of the other seniors I've worked with, but they're in a similar age range (mostly 80's and 90's). The facility is a couple miles away (down by where Shannon and I saw the unicycling basketball team a couple years ago, which I did write about in this journal), in a not-great neighborhood, and I didn't see anywhere safe to lock a bike, so I guess I'll be walking both ways once a week.

What their volunteer coordinator was primarily looking for right now was someone to play Scrabble one-on-one with one of their residents, a woman named Barbara. She has MS and has become physically unable to get around as much as she used to, and so she hasn't been making it to the group activities, such as the Scrabble she enjoys, so they were looking for someone to play with her in her room.

I didn't really get a feel for her when I met her today, since it was fairly brief, but I'll be going back next week for our first game, and I assume we'll get to know each other better then.

It'll be strange to play Scrabble again, since I haven't in several years, and for the last year or so I've played Words With Friends (which is similar but slightly different) pretty much every day. I'll have to readjust. But the volunteer coordinator warned me that Barbara has some "unique" rules when she plays, so perhaps I should just abandon what I learned in the past and let her explain the game to me afresh.

Tomorrow I have a phone interview with the volunteer coordinator at another facility for the elderly, though I'm less confident about that location, because it focuses on care for those with "the fewest options," e.g., the poor. I have no problem working with people of any financial status, but I worry that a facility that cares primarily for those of limited means will be more dehumanizing, and I wouldn't be able to deal with that very easily. But I'm keeping an open mind, and will wait to see. Maybe the facility and the staff are respectful and compassionate -- you never know. But since I'll only be with Barbara an hour or so a week, it might be kind of nice to have another visit to make with other folks at some other regular time. I had been hoping to put in more time in the same location, but Barbara's place seemed to only want someone for her specific purpose right now.

In other news, the last few days I've been working on decoupaging the top of a beat-up old dresser (well, a very small dresser, only two drawers high but normal width). I've been using it for years, and always wanting to do something to make it look nicer, but I never got around to it until now. For the past year or so, I've been covering it with an attractive scarf, but it made me always worried about putting the lube bottle directly on it (lest the scarf get slimed), and my bottle of hand lotion recently had a bit of an accident that resulted in an icky spot on the scarf. So I thought, "I really need to do something waterproof to the top of this thing." Hence, the recent decoupage. I'm using handmade papers I bought at an art store several months ago, and I've cut some in contrasting but complementary colors/patterns into strips of varying widths, so it's striped, but not uniformly so. When it's done, perhaps I will post a photo. Right now, all the paper has been applied, but I'm just applying successive layers of Mod Podge (a popular glue/sealer/finish for decoupage work) to protect the surface. I've done finishing 2 coats, and from what I've read I've got another couple coats to go. In the meantime, my office smells constantly of glue.

It's my first decoupage project ever, so I'm expecting that I will have made some mistakes I can avoid next time, but it's fun to finally be doing it! I've been thinking of decoupage projects for several months! Exciting!