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When the dog bites, when the bee stings ...

I was randomly thinking today about some of my favorite possessions:

- a piece of the Berlin Wall (irregularly shaped, but about 1" in diameter), complete with blue graffiti along one side, which a friend brought me after her trip to Europe in 1989 (This small, rough piece of cement, which sits on a windowsill I pass several times every day when I walk up or down the stairs, often makes me think of the Jesus Jones 1990 song "Right Here, Right Now.") I tried to take a photo of it to post here, but it turned out really blurry.

- the antique book I carried (instead of flowers) down the aisle with me when I walked to the altar to meet Shannon for our wedding ceremony:

Wedding Book

- the kikoy (a rectangular cotton garment that is worn most often as a sarong or wrapped head covering) I got during my summer at Stanford on a fellowship. My roommate had spent some time in Kenya and owned a few kikoys, and told me stories about how the women in Kenya wore them in many different ways, and I thought they were beautiful, so bright and cheerful in unexpected combinations of hues. The one I have (which I think I bought in Palo Alto, of all places) is mainly turquoise, with bands of darker blue, paler blue, and yellow (similar to this). I don't think I've ever worn my kikoy (if I have, it was a very long time ago, when I first got it), but I've often used it for decorative purposes, because I just love to look at it.

- one of my mom's paintings from before she met my dad or had any kids. It's from her "blue period" (she liked Picasso), and it's a still from the excellent Franco Zeffirelli 1968 film adaptation of Romeo and Juliet:

Mom's R&J Painting

- a giant Monet (my favorite artist) poster that I bought at the Musée d'Orsay (my favorite museum) on one of my trips to Paris:

Monet Poster from Paris

- the double-wedding-ring quilt my mom worked on (by hand) for two decades before she gave it to me *AND* (in the same photo) the red-and-white afghan I crocheted when I was 10, and which has stood up amazingly well to the passage of time!

Double Wedding Ring Quilt and Afghan

- my emerald green iPod Nano, which Shannon gave me as a combined Christmas/birthday gift a couple years ago, and which I have used almost every day since. I loved the tiny silver Shuffle that I had bought myself years before, but couldn't arrange the tracks into playlists, which eventually became annoying. Also, the Shuffle doesn't have enough space to hold an entire audio book, unless it's really short. But the Nano can do everything! It can hold several audio books in their entirety at the same time as it holds as much music as I could possibly want to hear on any particular outing, all arranged into easily navigated playlists. It's my baby!

- my GIGANTIC insulated mugs, which I use only for ice water, and which I use all day long, every day. They keep the water very cold, and they keep me hydrated. Excellent!

- my first edition copy of John Crowley's fantasy novel Little, Big. My friend Donald knew it was my favorite book and went to considerable trouble to find me a first edition, back when such things were not so easy to locate as they are now.

- my great-grandma's electric mixer, which still works amazingly well:

Grandma Osborn's Mixer

- the incredibly wonderful linguistic light switch plate I bought in The Castro (neighborhood in SF) not long after I had moved to the Bay Area:

Linguistic Light Switch Plate

- the "lucky rock" I found at Outdoor Ed in sixth grade, which has accompanied me pretty much everywhere in the three decades since then:

Lucky Rock

- a variety of tiny objects that have congregated on top of a bookcase in our upstairs hallway (Note: I *DO* know how to spell "Normandy," but apparently Photoshop does not. Yes, let's blame it on Photoshop.):

- the small wooden box Katherine painted and gave to me (I believe as a birthday gift) early on in our friendship -- so almost 20 years ago:

Box that Katherine Made Me

- my favorite mug, which was a spontaneous gift from my friend Janet many years ago, when we were walking down Telegraph Avenue one day, idly checking out the street vendors, and I casually said that I liked it. I was so flabbergasted when she just whipped out her wallet and bought it for me! I often think of it as my Cobweb mug, because it is striped like she is, and in similar colors (except the blue):

Favorite Mug

- my blue canary night-light, which I've written about in this journal before:

Blue Canary

- the plain-looking but very nostalgic bookmark I got from the only bookstore I knew of in Powell, Wyoming, where I visited my dad in the summers in the early 1980s:

Powell Bookmark
Monet: water lilies (by striped)

Wait ... it's been *how* many days since I posted?

I've been busy busy busy, and therefore have not posted to this journal every day as I usually do. I think I last posted about Saturday (9/4) and hanging out with Lisa.

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Felt sick much of the day, presumably because I ate eggs yesterday. Went to Walking Group, but bailed after that because I wasn't feeling well. Came home and slept instead.

Hot weather today. Bleh. It's supposed to be even hotter tomorrow (in the 90s). Double bleh.

Biked with Shannon to Home Depot in Richmond, in search of a new light fixture for our bathroom. Sadly, we failed in that quest. But we did get some other things that will no doubt be useful, so the trip wasn't wasted. And, at any rate, we had a nice bike ride along the Ohlone Greenway, especially as the weather cooled down on our ride home and was quite pleasant. There were an especially large number of clueless pedestrians walking on the bike path, though. (There is a separate, parallel path for pedestrians. But for some reason people prefer the bike path. It provides us with a sort of moving obstacle course. The worst are the people with poor control over their hyper dogs or small children.)

That's three days in a row that I've biked. Shannon pooh-poohs utilitarian bike rides (to Safeway, Trader Joe's, and Home Depot in this case) this short, since he apparently doesn't consider it "biking" unless it's done for fun and over long distances, but I'm proud of my accomplishment. Long periods have passed when I wasn't willing to bike at all, so I think I'm doing great.

On our way home, we decided to go out to an inexpensive dinner to celebrate (mostly to celebrate my achievement) and Shannon chose Oscar's. So we went there and ordered, but they had no chicken for chicken sandwiches (what Shannon always orders), so we decided to go to Bongo Burger, and I was happy because they have good onion rings, but we got there and they had closed 5 minutes before our arrival. Doh! So we ended up at Top Dog (hot dogs and sausages), which was okay, but not really what either of us wanted. Still, a bit of a treat, instead of Kraft Mac-n-Cheese (though I love Kraft Mac-n-Cheese).

Came home, and I became rather violently ill. Bleh. At least it didn't happen at Home Depot, or anywhere along the Ohlone Greenway. So I pretty much collapsed. I think Shannon was disappointed, because he was all excited to put our Home Depot purchases to good use. So he bustled around for a while, measuring things, using the electric drill, installing a doorknob, using a wide variety of screwdrivers (all of which are now littering the dining room table), etc. I wanted to help, but felt really horrible, so didn't.

When the Home Depot purchases have been employed, we will (hopefully) have a very large Monet print (of "The Magpie"), which I bought at the Musée d'Orsay some 20 years ago and love passionately and which has been sitting in our dining room unhung for 10 years, hanging on our dining room wall. I'm very excited by this. It feels like a big piece of *me* will be acknowledged.

Then, around 11 p.m., Melody and Jared (the SIL and her wonderful boyfriend) came by to pick up Tai Chi, and we are now back down to 3 cats in the house. I think he will be very happy to get home, and our cats will probably be very happy to have him gone. Things were pretty peaceful around here the last few days, but it still seemed like an uneasy truce.

Also, I got email from our latest (and hopefully final) builder, and he is coming by the house tomorrow morning to pick up the paperwork from the Planning Department. So maybe this garage project will actually happen!