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I spent most of today working on design homework for my class, which has been lots of fun. I'm a bit distracted, though, by wanting to work on the final assignment (a website) before the current one (a 6-12-page brochure) is finished. But, then, my reasons for taking this class mostly related to web design, rather than print. And the website (I'll be redesigning my own personal site) is something I'll actually *use* when the class is finished, so it's more exciting.

Most of the rest of the day was spent sleeping.

Shannon and I did do some housework today, and I even moved the living room furniture around so that I could clean under the couch. There were quite a few dark chocolate Hershey's kisses under there (Shannon was eating these for a while), several toy mice now mysteriously denuded of all fur, a few 20-sided dice, my old white-out pen (useful when proofreading), ball-points of various colors, a few bookmarks, and incredible amounts of dust, such that it seemed to be gathering itself together to take some tangible form. But no ... I have thwarted that plan with my broom-wielding exertions. Go me!

In fact, I did tons of sweeping today, and this had the same effect it has had for the past 15 years: it draws the cats like a siren call. Cobweb, in particular, followed me all around, whichever room I was in, and walked in the path of my sweeping, walked through the pile of detritus, and just generally made a nuisance of herself. I'm not sure what is so exciting for her, but she clearly finds the process literally attractive.

Tomorrow: lunch at Zachary's Pizza with Katherine and Mimi!
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Hung out with Lisa today. She's thinking about doing an It Gets Better video, especially as so few of them feature trans people, so she asked me to have a look at her first draft of a script of what she wants to say. We ended up talking about it for more than an hour, and it was a pretty intense conversation.

We also had an excellent lunch at Saul's. I had a vegetable plate with diced cucumbers (w/zhoug, which was too spicy for me, so I had to eat around it), lightly steamed (still sorta crunchy) yellow squash slices, very tasty tomato slices w/basil and mozzarella, thinly sliced raw sweet red peppers, hummus, and pita bread. It was incredible.

In the evening, Shannon and I went grocery shopping, but didn't buy much. We're pretty stocked up already. Then we watched the season premiere of Caprica while eating dinner. Collapse )

And now I feel like I'm about to fall over. I plan to have a relaxed day tomorrow: paint my toenails, watch some tv, read some fic, stop by the library, and work on my homework assignment -- a 6-12-page brochure about biking in the East Bay -- which is what, if I'm realistic, I must admit will probably absorb me most of the day. I've been really enjoying the design work I've been doing for this class. Perhaps this might lead me to a new career? Proofreading isn't really going anywhere at this point -- since so few publishing companies use proofreaders anymore -- so I need to think about other options, and it would be nice to do something I really enjoy. And my teacher and fellow classmates seem to think I'm good at it!
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Gyn appt in Orinda today, where I was given a clean bill of health and assured that I can now return to exercising as much as I like. Unfortunately, my quite spectacularly bruised knee has been hurting, so I will probably still take the bus to school tomorrow. I'm hoping my knee will be better by the weekend, since Shannon has expressed an interest in biking to Target on Sunday.

Since I was already out in No Man's Land (a.k.a. Contra Costa County, which is inland, beyond the hills) to see the doc, Shannon met me in Lafayette to go to Baja Fresh, since our local one went out of business ages ago and we've missed it terribly. I was surprised to find that I recognized one of the managers! He remembered us from the old Berkeley store and (according to our cashier) even correctly predicted what we would order. Ha! We are such creatures of habit.

While in Orinda, I saw a sign that said there is now a free shuttle from the BART station to the California Shakespeare Festival (Cal Shakes)! Cool! I've long been interested in going to see plays there, but the location was very inconvenient for the carless. So Shannon and I are now all amped up to go to some plays. I'm especially happy, because Berkeley Rep doesn't have even one single Shakespeare play on their schedule this season (which is unusual for them). Cal Shakes is starting Much Ado About Nothing in about a week. Unfortunately, we missed their Macbeth, which ended yesterday.

My mom is reading LJ again and mentioned that she had no icon, so I whipped up a few simple options for her tonight, just looking for images that said "Mom" to me (Monet paintings, a van Gogh "Starry Night," etc.). Earlier today, I also worked on some business cards for my class homework. One of them identifies me as an "Enthusiastic Advocate" of "The Serial Comma." Ha. Few people would find this funny, of course, but I'm amusing myself, so I don't mind.

We watched this week's "Mad Men" tonight, and I found it considerably less bleak than the other recent episodes. I'm glad; I was getting to the point where I was thinking about abandoning the show. I'm just not interested in having the optimism and hope drained out of me once a week. I find that I don't actually *like* many of the characters anymore.

I pretty much always write my journal entries at the end of my day, usually around midnight, when I am very sleepy. I wonder if this affects how I write and on what topics. Hmmm.
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Today was a good day. I even got through the afternoon without napping! I got sleepy after dinner, but otherwise I was mostly okay. I still need to phone that sleep specialist tomorrow to find out what's happening with the referral.

The morning was housework, and the afternoon was school. Today the teacher projected everyone's homework up on the board so we could see how we each responded to the same prompt (same text, same dimensions, but nothing else specified). I couldn't believe that two of the people in the class designed their invitations in *Word*. Um ... not ideal for design work. It was hard to give those people useful feedback, because what they'd done violated pretty much every rule the teacher has discussed with us. But we all tried.

I was a tiny bit disappointed that I didn't get any constructive criticism on my invitation. I mean, I often respond badly to criticism (my feelings get hurt), but I had been looking forward to what suggestions people might offer, figuring that's how I can improve. But everyone just talked about the good stuff, asked me how I did it, etc. A couple times I asked questions about what could be improved, but people just said more nice stuff in response. I think I'm going to have to be a bit more insistent that they *help* me instead of just making me feel nice.

And I once again had the experience I had throughout college, grad school, and some jobs: namely, "Does anyone listen to instructions but me? Does anyone else read the homework?" I was shocked that most of the people did *exactly* the things the teacher had told us to avoid. I mean, I was a bit worried that my invitation might be too rigid because I *followed* the rules, but the other students didn't even seem to recognize that they'd done anything unusual.

And yet ... they seem like an intelligent, interesting group of people. Some of them are primarily artists, so they have a perspective very different from my own. I think the class will get more interesting as time goes on. And the teacher is encouraging me to take a class in Illustrator afterward, though I don't have that software at home.

In the evening, I spent some time working on our next assignment, which is to create a matching business card, letterhead, and envelope. I've thought about what "company" or "business" to use, and I want to go with something whimsical (I considered making them for Doctor Who, for example, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Barack Obama, but I chose something more personal, instead, as I might actually find a use for it afterward). I really enjoy working with Photoshop, so it's nice to be doing it again.

And now I do believe it is time to curl up with a cat and fall asleep.