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I had a slow start to the day. Woke up late, as Shannon and I often do on Sundays, and lay in bed petting the cat who was lying between us (that would be Munchkin) and chatting with Shannon. Then puttered around until lunch time (crossword puzzles, tv, whatever), at which point Shannon and I watched the first hour of this week's Dollhouse (Joss Whedon's latest). Holy moly. What a good show! I know some people objected to how women were treated as powerless sex objects by the writers, but that never bothered me because I felt like it was a commentary on the way society treats women, rather than an endorsement. I think Dollhouse was part action/adventure and part social commentary, and I guess those two sides didn't appeal to the same audience, and so the show didn't do well. Ah well. I'm looking forward to the last bits of it still to come before it disappears forever. Well, maybe it'll give Joss time to come up with something new.

After lunch, I washed my hair while listening to the first disc of The Last Battle (Narnia). It was a bit confusing, and Shannon told me later that I should listen to The Magician's Nephew first. So that's what I shall do.

I'm not sure if I'm going to continue with The Plague of Doves or if I will just return it to the library. I found that today I was not very excited to listen to my iPod -- which is a big change from the last few weeks -- so I think it may be time to find a different book ... and just save Louise Erdrich for more leisurely reading. I wonder if I might enjoy Margaret Atwood? Robertson Davies? Barbara Kingsolver?

After my shower, Shannon and I walked up to Walgreens, because I had a prescription to pick up. The walk is always more enjoyable when Shannon comes with me. There was a long line at the pharmacy, but I'm a patient gal. Shannon is not such a patient gal.

After Walgreens, Shannon read to me from Return to the Whorl, which we will certainly finish tonight. I have enjoyed it tremendously. Shannon and I both find it interesting that I enjoy listening to him read Gene Wolfe (fairly complicated writing), but most likely would not enjoy listening to the same books on audiobook. I think this is because (1) Shannon and I discuss what we're reading, so I can always interrupt him to comment, ask questions, etc. (2) Shannon is a better voice actor than most of the people I've heard on audiobooks. He does voices for all the characters and is very animated.

Soon it will be dinner time ... and then tonight is the season finale of The Amazing Race! It will be a battle between the incompetent interracial couple, the snippy gay brothers, and the ultra-competent blonde guy/girlfriend team (in which the guy's hair stands straight up). I was rooting for the Midwestern dad/son team (in which the son's hair was bright pink and his body was covered in tattoos), but they got booted a couple weeks ago. So sad.

Shannon wanted to go for a bike ride today -- maybe to the Emeryville shopping area to do some Christmas shopping -- but my legs have been quite sore, so I opted out. We have tentatively planned to go Tuesday night, which will put me on my bike on the roads after dark, but I think I'll be okay.

It's supposed to rain tomorrow. Bummer.
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