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  • felt sick much of the day, and so didn't go bike riding with Shannon. He hopped on BART without me and headed inland. He phoned a bit ago, when it started getting dark, and said he wasn't quite sure where he was or how to get to the Lafayette BART station, but that he would work it out.
  • listened to some Dawn Treader, which has taken a somewhat strange turn. There are very agreeable mushroom creatures who are dwarves in disguise. Huh?
  • washed my hair. Must buy body soap tomorrow.
  • hung out with some cuddly kitties. Had pumpkin pie after lunch, and Cobweb and Munchkin eagerly cleaned the plate of all whipped cream. I don't know where Lucy was. She often misses out on treats. Or wanders away in the middle. She's very distractable.
  • theorized that the pumpkin pie has been making me sicker the past few days. I've definitely been sick more since we started eating the Thanksgiving food.
  • did some dishes. Figured if I'm feeling too sick to go out I may as well do something useful.
  • talked to my mom on the phone. Nothing big, just chatting. I hadn't talked to her in 3 weeks or so.
  • worked on my Dreamweaver homework. My absolutely positioned div tags are now working fine. We kind of have two assignments, and I've finished the first. Now I have until Thursday to finish the second, which shouldn't take me as long.
  • did some crossword puzzles and watched this week's episode of White Collar. I doubt this show will last, but I'm enjoying it.
I'm looking forward to CLC tomorrow, so I hope I'll be feeling well enough to go.
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