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Had a pleasant Thanksgiving. Went to the grocery store to pick up our ready-made dinner (well, actually a few meals' worth) and a few odds and ends (sparkling cider, a dessert for Shannon, who doesn't like pumpkin pie, etc.), and almost all the Andronico's employees we know were working today: Fingerless Gloves Man, Conspiracy Man, My Favorite Bagger, Annoying Deaf Bagger, Deli Man, etc. I had a minor struggle, as always, with Annoying Deaf Bagger, who always tries to put the heavy stuff into bags instead of letting me put it in my backpack. Maybe he doesn't hear me? He talks to me, so I assume he can hear some. Perhaps he finds me as frustrating as I find him. That damn woman, always grabbing groceries out of my hands!

Had linner around 3, I guess. Everything was very tasty. While eating, we watched most of the "V" series that was on tv a couple months ago. We had it saved on our DVR until a time when we could marathon it. I think we watched 3 episodes today. I liked it quite a bit, but a) I liked the original, back when I was a kid, and b) it starred a lot of actors and actresses I knew from other shows, so I was predisposed to like them. I think we have one more episode to watch.

Discovered that Cobweb likes whipped cream, but doesn't care for pumpkin pie crust. Don't know if she likes pumpkin pie filling, though, because I ate it all and left none for her.

Today Shannon and I also played a few games of Dominion. I think I won twice and Shannon won once. It's rare that I beat him at a strategic game, but I play this one so often with Lisa that I'm more confident than usual. It was a nice way to spend time together.

Unfortunately, I was sick most of the day today. Just nausea and intestinal cramping, as usual. Bleh. I am still hoping to go for a bike ride with Shannon on Saturday if my body cooperates.
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