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I've been sick a lot lately with digestive problems. It started about 2 months ago and has become progressively more and more frequent. I keep hoping it will just go away. I started sort of keeping track of what I'm eating these last couple days, and I'm hoping I'm imagining a correlation between fruit and illness. I like fruit and fruit juice, and it's healthy and all that. I will continue my analysis.

I've been watching a lot of "NCIS" lately. Mark Harmon ... I remember seeing him in stuff in the '70s and '80s, but he seems even more handsome with silver hair. He's far sexier than the young men in the series. But my favorite character is the goth forensic girl.

It seems like I'm always hungry lately. Food food food. Today I couldn't stop eating, but I figured I could eat as many rice cakes and carrots as I wanted. Not a lot of calories there.

I've finished The Kite Runner, and I am suddenly audiobook-less. I had nothing to listen to when I washed my hair today, so I put in one of the disks from Half-Blood Prince, even though I've already listened to it. The last third of The Kite Runner was better than the middle third, but I have a hard time fully forgiving the author for the events of the middle.

I've been searching for more audiobooks at the library, but it's very frustrating. Everything good seems to be checked out, damaged, lost, or not available on CD. I've requested a couple of books (Michael Andaatje's Anil's Ghost and Louise Erdrich's The Plague of Doves), but until they come in I am bookless. I guess I'll go back to listening to music when I go for walks, do housework, wash my hair, etc.
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