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Random Sunday Ramble

Went for a long walk today, up to Trader Joe's and back. We didn't really need canned cat food yet, but I felt like taking a long walk, so I figured I'd just do it now. The weather was overcast and a bit chilly, but I felt very aware of the fact that soon it will be raining frequently, and so I should enjoy the dry weather while it's here. The trees were all very green, growing up and out toward each other above the streets, and I came upon some roses that hadn't begun to wilt yet, and they smelled really good. It was a lovely walk.

Once again, I went to Trader Joe's and didn't buy anything for myself. I was tempted by the usual things -- juice, pumpkin bread, candy -- and came very close to buying some dark chocolate covered dried cherries, but in the end I decided that they were too expensive.

While I walked, I listened to The Half-Blood Prince on my iPod. I've been enjoying it. I think when I've finished it I'll get The Poisonwood Bible from the library. It's a book I've been meaning to read for years. Everyone raved about it when it first came out.

My mood was a bit better today, probably due to the long walk. Tomorrow will be busy, with two separate appointments in the afternoon, so I'll get some walking in then, too.
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