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Cobweb 9/29/09
Cobweb 9/29/09
My sweet kitty, looking alert and interested

Shannon pointed out this evening that Munchkin hasn't been eating, even when he puts out wet food. Sigh. I'm sure it's just caused by an emotional reaction to Cobweb's illness, but there's only so long we can let it go on. So we may have to take *her* in to see the vet sometime soon. First we're going to try some stuff, see if we can get her to eat.

Shannon and I have been having the opposite problem: as a result of the Cobweb stress, we've both been eating too much (especially too much junk) and gaining weight. I wish I could manage my diet without getting obsessive about it. I'm going to try to eat more vegetables and less junk.

But right now I'm heading to sleep. Zzzzzzz.
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