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It really looked like Cobweb was going to die Friday night ... but the past two days she's been doing much better! I don't fool myself -- she probably has only a week or so at most -- but it's nice to see her happy. She's been wandering around here and there -- she came downstairs earlier today when she heard Shannon whistle the "food whistle." She doesn't really eat, though. When Shannon gives her wet food, she licks it, obviously enjoying the taste, but if she eats a few bites she then hides for a while, as if her body isn't responding well to food right now, which makes sense, since it's intestinal cancer. I have seen her drinking, though.

She looks frail and tired.

I pretty much accepted her passing on Friday night, so this all is just gravy. It's nice getting some more time to spend with her, but I'm ready for the inevitable.
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