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I know everyone is probably tired of hearing about this, but it's the biggest thing going on in my life right now, so I need to write about it.

Shannon and I noticed this week that Cobweb didn't seem to be eating her regular food anymore. Normally, the bulk of our cats' diet is dry food, with wet food once a week and treats pretty much every day. Well, Cobweb was eating the weekly wet food, the treats, and any human food she was quick enough to grab, but the dry food was just sitting there, so she wasn't getting much nutrition.

We discussed it today and decided to start feeding her exclusively wet food (maybe with some dry mixed in), so today I went out and bought her some different kinds so she'll have some variety. She would probably like any flavor of wet food, but I like to give her a variety of flavors. We want her to eat.

I never pick Cobweb up, because she has never liked it, but Shannon picks her up frequently (she tolerates it from him), and he says she's all bones. It's apparently more noticeable than when petting her (though it is quite noticeable then, too). Shannon says he wouldn't be surprised if she only had another week or two. I kind of freaked out when he said that, because I'd been hoping for a few months, but I'm just resolved to keep her as happy as possible for however long she's got.
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