Kimberly (kimberly_a) wrote,

Spent some time today reading Laurell K. Hamilton's latest Anita Blake novel (I can't remember the title), and I've been amazed. I'm about 200 pages in and there hasn't been any sex, metaphysical or otherwise. Her last few books were basically nothing but porn, completely devoid of the plots that used to make the series interesting, but this one has been all plot, which really surprises (and pleases) me. Anita Blake is still a terrible Mary Sue, but I've been enjoying the book anyway. It's nice to find something I can concentrate on long enough to actually read.

Watched the season premiere of "Heroes" tonight and was underwhelmed. Peter looked hot, and Claire looked gorgeous, but the stories being told didn't really grab me. Okay, except for Noah Bennett. He always interests me.

Nothing else to add. I'm happy to be reading, and to be enjoying it. I hope you're all well, full of tasty food, not too hot or cold, and fascinated by something.


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