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Giving Cobweb her pills continues to be a challenge. We should be able to start giving her medicated treats on Monday, but until then we are forced to struggle with her twice a day.

My friend Matt commented that one problem in these situations is that we do not want to hurt our pets, but they feel no such compunction about hurting us. I thought about that, and told Shannon, and he said he didn't believe it. He pointed out that, in all her desperation when we've been holding her down and pilling her, Cobweb has never once scratched us or bitten us. She tries frantically to get away, but she doesn't hurt us. It gave me a new respect and admiration for her.

In other news, today was a day of washing. I washed my hair, did laundry, and did dishes. Cleanliness abounds.
Tags: cats, cobweb

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