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Shannon and I went for a 12.5-mile bike ride today, out to the dog park at Point Isabel, over on the bay. We sat for a long while, just watching all the dogs -- they all looked so happy -- and we commented on how incredibly social dogs are compared to cats. I don't think a cat park would be very successful. People would all bring their cats and there would be nothing but hissing and growling and determined attempts at butt sniffing. But these dogs were all happily interacting. Of course, I suppose the people with antisocial dogs just don't bring them to the dog park. It would be rather bad form.

One dog did not seem happy like the others. He was in a car with his people, and he went crazy barking at us as we passed. Shannon said he must have had a childhood bicycle trauma.

After we watched the dogs for a long while we rode/walked to the other side of the park, right out on the bay, and we sat on a hill and Shannon read to me from our current book, Fool Moon (a Harry Dresden book). I'm sort of getting the bends from alternating between Harry Dresden and Gene Wolfe. Talk about extreme ends of the spectrum! I enjoy both, but I have some difficulty transitioning back and forth. Mostly, the difficulty is in transitioning from Gene Wolfe to Harry Dresden, because we read a section and I just sit there feeling like, "That's it? But where's the meat?" Once we get into a Harry Dresden novel I enjoy it, though. It's just different. Sorta like how I can enjoy romance novels and Salman Rushdie, just in different ways.

Anyway, the wind was blowing like nobody's business out there on the hill by the bay, so eventually I had to stop Shannon's reading, because I was getting a headache from the wind/cold/glare combination. We finished the section at home and I was eager to move on to the next chapter, but Shannon wanted to stop there, so now I am left in suspense.

Tomorrow morning I am going to yoga again.
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