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It's been a quiet weekend. Hung out with Lisa yesterday: had some excellent french toast (a major splurge, since it is not very healthy), played 3 games of Dominion (all of which I lost), watched some anime, watched some Babylon 5, and just generally enjoyed each other's company. Very relaxed.

Then today Shannon and I got to work and went through one of our bookcases, filled with part of our non-fiction section, and made four piles: Keep, Sell, Prisoners (donate to the Prisoners' Literature Project), and Recycle. We are recycling a lot of old books that are so out-of-date that no one would want them: tech books from 1999, listings of publishers and small presses from 1995, etc. Then we took some of the Sell books (we filled two backpacks, but there was more we couldn't fit, which we will take another time) and went to Moe's. It's a bad time to sell books, since the students have all left town recently and sold many books before doing so. So the bookstore isn't really looking to buy right now. But we wanted to get rid of some books, so we sold some, donated some to the Prisoners' Literature Project, and brought some home to sell at some more opportune time.

We have many more bookcases that need to be subjected to the same treatment. I don't think we'll end up getting rid of a lot of fiction, but our other non-fiction bookcase will probably yield up a lot.

Tomorrow I'm going to yoga in the morning. I've decided not to say, "I want to go to yoga," or, "I plan to go to yoga," because they leave me with wiggle room. When I was going daily, I didn't consider it optional. I never just turned my alarm off and went back to sleep. So I have decided that I am going. I will get up and I will go and it will be good.
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