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We took Cobweb in for her ultrasound today, but we won't get the results until tomorrow. On our way to the vet, Shannon said he fully expects to find out that she has cancer we can't afford to do anything about. Unlike him, I hadn't really gotten as far as predicting outcomes. I was more in the "maybe they won't find anything wrong and she'll just stop losing weight" camp. I don't want her to be sick. She doesn't *seem* sick. Intellectually I recognize that something serious may be (probably is) wrong, but emotionally I can't accept that anything might happen to her.

While we were at the vet to pick Cobweb up after the ultrasound, a woman came in with a dog who had been strangled by his collar and wasn't breathing. She was pretty hysterical. I'm still worried about her dog. I hope both of them are okay.
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