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Home again home again jiggedy jig

Note: Jason = Shannon's younger brother. He's about 25 now.

Well, we're home from Jason and Lisa's wedding in Gilroy, and yesterday was a great day. We had an excellent breakfast at the hotel, then checked out (because we only stayed one night, the night before the wedding -- we were hoping to be home Saturday night, but would otherwise stay that night with Shannon's parents) and took all our stuff (backpacks) for a walk. We didn't really have much idea of where we would walk, but we found a pretty much deserted bike path (we saw a few people on the 2-mile stretch we walked, but not many) surrounded by beautiful trees, so we walked until we hit a cross street. Shannon was very excited by the bike path and plans to research to see what other bike paths are in that area, with the intention of traveling down there on Caltrain sometime and biking some paths that are new to us. Sounds like fun!

By the time we got back to the hotel, we had been walking for about 4 miles, and we both enjoyed it quite a bit. Then we waited at the hotel for the shuttle to the wedding, which was very convenient. We got to the Fortino winery (where the wedding was being held) quite early and helped doing some of the setting up. The wedding itself started fairly promptly, within minutes of the official 4:30 p.m. start time. The ceremony was fairly brief, lasting about half an hour, and had a bit of excitement. Lisa put Jason's ring on his right hand, and there was much confusion. He had quite a bit of trouble getting it off, but eventually he did, and she put it on his left hand as tradition dictates. Everyone was quite amused. Their vows were also partly humorous, which I thought was great.

Shannon also ended up more involved than expected, as someone (I didn't see who) came to grab him right before the ceremony, because someone needed to walk his mother down the aisle. So Shannon got to be a part of the wedding itself, which is cool.

Lisa and Jason both looked so happy! They've been dating for 9 years, since high school, so they seem very close. I'm really happy for them.

Lisa's family is very warm and friendly. They all seemed absolutely delighted that the two families were combining (they've known Jason for almost a decade, after all), and I was included in their welcome. It was nice.

The dinner was okay. The green beans and salad were tasty. Instead of a cake, they had many many cupcakes in different flavors. The chocolate ones were much sought after. (I got one for Shannon.)

Shannon and I danced quite a bit at the reception, and -- as my mom suggested -- I just took my shoes off. (I loooove the shoes I wore, but they are about half a size too big, so they are always about to fall off. I'm going to see if a tailor can sew something into the strap that goes around my heel to make them fit better.) For a while I was the only person dancing barefoot, but I didn't feel self-conscious at all. I was doing a good job of "being Shannon" (not getting self-conscious or worrying about what other people would think). As the party went on, other women gradually began taking their shoes off to join me in my barefoot freedom. I felt like a trail blazer. And at one point I had the self-conscious thought, "Maybe I'm a bad dancer," but then I immediately thought, "So? What happens if I'm a bad dancer? How is that going to hurt me?" And I just relaxed and had fun.

Brag: we danced with Jane Wiedlin (of Go-Go's fame). All the Wiedlins seem so incredibly nice; it's always great to see them.

Speaking of not feeling self-conscious, no one asked about my bruises, so I didn't get to tell everyone that Shannon beats me.

We were seated at the teetotaler table. Of the 7 people at our table, only 2 drank anything alcoholic, and the 2 that did only had a glass of wine and a bit of champagne for the toasts. Shannon was amused that so many of us non-drinkers were seated together.

I noticed that over the course of the day several people complimented Shannon on his new hat he bought for the wedding, which made me happy. I chose the hat and liked it quite a bit, so it was nice to know that other people liked it too.

The reception ended around 10 p.m., and then Shannon's parents drove us to the Fremont BART station, where we caught a train home. I was very tired (I usually go to sleep around 10, and -- what with the drive to BART, the BART train to Berkeley, and the walk home from BART -- we didn't get home until around 12:30 a.m.), but it was a great day.
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