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I've been eating very healthily lately, with carrots and rice cakes as snacks, but today I just broke down and bought some chocolate donuts. Two donuts later, I am sated.

Today I got x-rays of my right shoulder (the neurologist wants to compare it with the x-ray of the left shoulder which he already has) and my neck. I'm still having considerable back pain, though not as excruciating as it was a couple weeks ago. Now it's mostly okay except when I try to sit at my computer. Since I'm used to spending much of the day on the computer -- and since I have two new software programs I'm dying to play with -- this has put a considerable crimp in my style. I just hope each morning that it will have gotten better. And I'm continuing to take anti-inflammatories and go to acupuncture.

Shannon and I are going to his brother's wedding this weekend, and it is causing some stress. The wedding is not very accessible by public transit, so we will be relying on other people (Shannon's mom and step-dad, most likely) to get us places. So we'll be inconveniencing other people and not having control over our own movements. Not terrible, but a little stressful. Shannon thought about renting a car, but he hasn't driven in 20 years and didn't feel confident in his skills. And I, of course, never learned to drive. When I was younger, I was used to relying on other people to get me places, but in the immediate Bay Area it is incredibly easy to be utterly independent without a car. That's the biggest reason I moved here from southern California almost 20 years ago. So it's always a bit of culture shock to go somewhere where not having a car becomes an issue.

Oh, yesterday we finished watching season 1 of "Slings and Arrows" (which I think was recommended to me by wesleysgirl), a Canadian tv series about a theatre, with many many many Shakespeare references. I loved it. We will definitely be getting the second season from Netflix soon.

Now I'm going to get off the computer. Ow.
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