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Hung out with Lisa as usual today, playing the longest game of Dominion in the history of Dominion games, which I lost 57-113. Ouch. She's been kicking my butt lately. Then we watched a few episodes of "Babylon 5," which I haven't been enjoying very much. The first season is the worst -- heavy-handed writing and very obvious plots -- so if I can just make it through the next several episodes things will get better.

At lunch at Fatapples I had perhaps the best hamburger I have ever eaten, topped with sauteed mushrooms and followed up by a slice of olallieberry pie. Yum! I love food.

Tomorrow Shannon and I are planning on going on a long bike ride from Dublin to Walnut Creek. Shannon was surprised that I asked if I could go with him, because I haven't been biking the past few weeks because of my back pain. But my back is doing so much better that I would like to get out there and ride again. We're going to ride part of the Iron Horse Trail, which is all off-street, which is always particularly enjoyable, with no cars to worry about and generally attractive scenery. It will be the longest ride I've done yet (I think about 20 miles). I'm looking forward to it.
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