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HTML, CSS, and the <div> tag

Cool! I've been wandering around online today, looking at websites and how they're coded and reading tutorials on using the <div> tag for positioning. Our teacher touched on this just for a moment, right at the end of yesterday's class, but I wanted to learn more. I also went ogling books on Amazon, checking out the reference books soulstar recommended. Neato keen! When I get some money I know where to send it.

The code I've been looking at on other people's sites has been somewhat confusing, but I figure I'm just familiarizing myself with things and will understand more when (1) we study it in class or (2) I have a reference book in which to look things up. I've looked at Shannon's O'Reilly HTML book, but it has only 3 pages on the <div> tag and nothing about how it interacts with CSS. Still, I should read it more carefully, and I've found that there is plenty of information online.

Now my brain is tired. I think I'll go watch some tv, and see if my brain recovers so I can do some more research before dinner.
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