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Messing about with Photoshop and html

It's sooooooo hot. I'm melting. I hate hot weather. It's one of the (many) reasons I hated southern California.

So I haven't been too active today. I've been mostly sitting in front of the computer, messing around with Photoshop and html. I'm close to posting a new version of my old website, though it's all still very much under construction. Still, I might start putting up old files and just changing them to match the new layout as I have time. I could at least get the basic structure of the site set up.

I'm finding, though, that I want to do stuff I don't really know how to do. Like have mouse-over effects on my navigation bar. Like having the same nav bar appear on every page. And I'm feeling mucho baffled by cascading style sheets. I'm looking at files I created several years ago when I was designing my Spuffy site, and I'm not understanding everything. Maybe I can get Shannon to help me Monday or Tuesday night. We'll be talking about css in my Dreamweaver class, but I want to do it *now*.

But for right now, I'm fading. Sleep soon for me. I get tired so early these days! Yawn!
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