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39th Birthday

So I turned 39 today (typo'd that as 29 -- ha!). I don't feel at all strange about getting older. Maybe I'll feel differently next year when I turn 40. But for now birthdays aren't a big thing for me.

I think you should get to do what you want to on your birthday, so I indulged myself today. I had lunch with Lisa at Zachary's Pizza on Solano, where we got a deep dish spinach and mushroom, which is my favorite. Lisa also gave me a birthday present, which is the anime series Fruits Basket, which we had watched together and which I liked a lot. Then we watched some season 7 Buffy and finished off the Read or Die series. Then I walked home and then to Ashby BART to meet Shannon to go to Scott's Seafood for dinner. I was really looking forward to having fish for dinner, but I ended up getting seduced by prime rib instead. We walked around a little bit afterward, then headed home.

If my math is correct, I walked almost 9 miles today. And that was part of what I wanted, too. I love walking.

Now I'm totally oversocialized and wanting to hide from the world. But it was a good birthday.
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