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Well, here we are in Hawaii, after many airline adventures. Our first flight was delayed by three hours, making us miss our connecting flight to Lihue. At least United was kind enough to go ahead and change our connecting flight to a later one, even though it was on another airline. So it was relatively painless, though Shannon was very annoyed.

The weather here is a bit chilly, which is unexpected. I didn't really bring appropriate clothing, since it's been hot the other two times we were here. I did bring a warm shirt to wear over my t-shirts and tank tops, but I forgot it on the plane. I'm going to call them today to find out if it's lost forever or if I can get it back.

Last night we all went out in the in-laws' driveway and looked at the stars for a while. They don't live in a real town, so it gets very dark here. We could see sooo many stars, including the Pleides (very clear), and Mary thought she saw the Milky Way. I couldn't see it. Maybe another night, if it continues to be clear (though it's cloudy today). We even saw a shooting star, though Gary was sad he missed it.

Today we have relatively mundane things planned: buying flip-flops, buying sunscreen (which we forgot to bring), swimming in the afternoon, etc.

The poor cats must be missing us terribly. I worry about them, especially little Lucy. *sniff*
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