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Had lunch with Shannon's sister Melody (and her boyfriend, Jared) today, and that was nice, as always. She's a very sweet kid, and very smart. She's an English major (a big fan of Sylvia Plath, though last time we saw her she was reading Ayn Rand ... ugh) in her ... um ... sophomore year? in college. Much younger than Shannon. His parents divorced when he was quite young, then each remarried and had additional kids in their second marriages. This is his dad's daughter. She's going to Hawaii to visit her parents for a week (which we are doing only a week or so after she gets back) and asked if we would take care of her cat while she's gone. The cat (Tai Chi) will probably hide in Shannon's office the whole time. I rather hope he doesn't encounter Munchkin, because if her behavior upon meeting Lucy for the first time was any indication, she will not be predisposed to be friendly.

Over the past two days, I have watched all three of the Bourne movies. Fun.
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