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Discovered today that the friend I thought might be voting for McCain is actually voting for Obama. This has no great impact on me, but cheers me up slightly nonetheless.

Tonight Shannon and I watched Michael Moore's film Slacker Uprising, about his efforts to get out the youth vote in 2004. I found the movie slightly depressing, because Michael Moore and his audiences all seemed so full of hope ... just like me now. What if it all goes wrong again?

In other news, I got hit by a slow-moving car today, crossing the street in the rain near my house. He made a "rolling stop" at a stop sign and then kept going, right into me. He didn't knock me down, but he gave me a good scare. My left knee has been bothering me a bit since, so I'm keeping an eye on it. I've never been hit by a car before.

I got drenched today out in the rain. I had to come home and change my clothes, because I was soaked through to the skin. I hate rain.
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