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Went to the Freight & Salvage on Friday night to see Rebecca Riots (a local folk group with a large lesbian following), and it was an enjoyable show. I always enjoy getting to see them. Zed wasn't there, which surprised me. He's the one who introduced me to their music.

By this time next year, the Freight & Salvage may be relocated to downtown Berkeley. Yay! Its current location is still walking distance (we walked there and home), but it takes a while.

Today I've mostly been reading: friends list, Daily Kos, etc., as well as Divisadero. Divisadero is a slightly odd book. The first half is primarily about three characters who grew up together but have scattered as adults. The second half, as far as I can tell, is about an almost unrelated group of characters, set some 20 years earlier. I haven't gotten very far into the second half, though. Still, I found myself caring about those three characters in the first half, and now it looks like I won't see them again. *pout*

This afternoon Shannon and I went for a bit of a walk. Out for Ben & Jerry's, then over to a couple of bookstores and the library. I was appalled that a small ice cream cone at B&J costs as much as a whole pint of B&J in the store. Sheesh!

Tomorrow I have to really buckle down and proofread, because the project I have right now is on a shorter schedule than most of the ones I've been given. Here's hoping my concentration doesn't get in my way.
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