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Books: Proofing them and reading them

Started proofing my new project today, and it looks interesting. As I think I've mentioned before, it's about Iraqi women, both before and since the occupation. Today I finished all my overall prep tasks (checking page numbers, checking note numbers, checking that spreads align, etc.), then proofed the frontmatter. I'll get started on page 1 tomorrow.

I've begun reading Michael Ondaatje's Divisidero. I loved The English Patient and Running in the Family, but this one hasn't really grabbed me yet. The beginning felt very Wallace Stegner (relationships between family members on a California farm), but the part I'm reading right now takes place in France. I'm starting to warm up to it, because I'm starting to notice more of the lush, poetic language that comes to mind when someone mentions Ondaatje's name.

But I think I may need to start another book as my gym book, because I'm not sure this one is conducive to riding the exercise bike. Shannon hunted up some more fantasy novels for me yesterday, so I have many gym books to choose from.
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