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I wasn't sure whether to list my mood as angry or amused, because I'm a little of both. My wallet was stolen on the MUNI bus on Thursday, on our way home from our hike. I noticed when we got off the bus that the compartment in the front of my backpack was unzipped, but I figured I had forgotten to zip it up after looking for something earlier. It's not like me to forget, but I shrugged and thought nothing of it. But today I went to put away my Moe's (bookstore) credit slip, and discovered that my wallet isn't there.


But the reason that I am also a bit amused is that I don't really use that wallet. The only time I use it is when I store my Moe's credit slip. But this time my credit slip happened to be in my coat pocket, from a recent trip to Moe's. So that wallet contains no cash, no credit cards, no ATM card ... nothing that I can remember. It'll be a bit of a disappointment for the thief. Even my library card is carried in my pocket. I really can't remember what is in that wallet. Nothing that I use. Some change, I remember that. Some business cards. My immunization record (from birth)--that one annoys me a bit. I think my expired Oakland Public Library card. Probably some other cards I don't use. I wish I could remember what they are, but I look into that wallet pretty much never, so I'm rather clueless.

Well, if I'm going to get my wallet stolen, this is the way to go. If I'd actually lost my money, credit cards, and ID, I'd be pretty upset. Remind me not to wear my backpack on my back on the bus anymore. It was pretty dumb of me.
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