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Walk in SF

Today Shannon and I went in to San Francisco to go for a long walk. First we walked through much of Golden Gate Park (about 30 blocks' worth), all the way up to Ocean Beach, and then we walked over Sutro Heights, turning down almost to Cliff House, then along the Coastal Trail through the Golden Gate National Recreation Area until we were tired. I got tired before Shannon this time, because we were going up and down so many stairs on the Coastal Trail.

Golden Gate Park was not as pleasant to walk through as I had hoped. It sees a lot of car traffic. But we did walk through the frisbee golf course, where many people were playing, which was cool. I was surprised so many people were out playing frisbee golf in the middle of the day on a weekday. We also walked around two different lakes, though neither one inspired me to fall on my ass and nearly pitch myself into the water like the lake at Tilden.

The highlight of today's walk was the views of the ocean. I love the ocean, and I don't get out to see it as often as I would like.

I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow, because I really wore myself out today on all those stairs. Literally hundreds of stairs. But I don't have real plans tomorrow until my birthday dinner. So I can lounge around and read all day. Or maybe go see 21. I haven't decided.
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