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Tilden Park

Shannon has this week off from work for our birthdays, and today he wanted to go hiking, so we hopped on a bus out to Tilden Park, where neither of us has ever been before, though we've each been living in the area well over a decade (I think for Shannon it's actually been two decades).

The bus to Tilden from downtown only takes about 15 minutes, so it's remarkably close. Shannon had a park map he'd gotten online, so we found a trail and headed off toward Lake Anza. The weather was beautiful, and the park was full of trees and birds. We saw what we both guessed was a vulture, which was very impressive when it was swooping around through the trees.

When we got down by the lake, we ended up on a trail that was sub-par, frequently covered with intertwined tree roots. We hit one patch of tree roots that was particularly bad, and Shannon scrambled through, jokingly cautioning me, "Don't fall in the lake!" So of course I lost my balance amid the roots and fell on my ass, nearly tipping into the lake. All his fault for saying that, of course. But seriously, my balance sucks. It was good when I was doing lots of yoga, but I haven't done yoga in years.

So we eventually found a better trail and walked around the lake (clambering over rocks here and there). There was hardly anyone around, which was nice. Eventually we found a bench and sat down to read aloud a chapter of The Shadow of the Torturer. We might have read more, but a wind had picked up and I was too cold to just sit around.

So we used their bathrooms, and the ladies room was very good. Plenty of toilet paper, plenty of seat covers, plenty of soap at the sink, plenty of paper towels to dry your hands. I was impressed. I was expecting a nightmare, since that's been my experience of bathrooms in public parks and beaches in the past.

We walked back along Wildcat Gorge, along which winds a pretty little creek. That was my favorite part of the hike and I would definitely like to go back there. From there, the entire rest of the hike was uphill, and Shannon got very tired. He may have better balance, but I seem to have better endurance than he does.

We made it back to the bus stop, and the bus came immediately, which was very convenient. The whole trip was really nice, so we definitely plan to go back again. Yay!
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