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Mostly The Big Rock Candy Mountain

I finally finished reading The Big Rock Candy Mountain, and I do believe it's a good book, but I wouldn't say I enjoyed reading it. Too depressing. It follows about 30 years in the life of a get-rich-quick schemer (approximately the first 30 years of the 20th century), always trying to work an angle, always uprooting his family and moving them somewhere new where he's finally going to have it made. He's a terrible husband, a terrible father, and ... well ... just not a particularly good person. The book was always interesting, but depressing.

I can't decide what to read next. The Big Rock Candy Mountain took me quite a while to read, so I'm leaning toward something lighter for a change of pace. I think I might go to the library tomorrow and have a look around, since I'll be finishing my proofreading project in the morning. Maybe they've received my copy of The Audacity of Hope through Link+. Not that that would be lighter, but it's still something I'm looking forward to reading.
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