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Books, Icons, and Dreams

I started reading Matthew Lewis's The Monk last night, and it's very much as I remember: lots of atmosphere and slow moving. I enjoy it, though. I think all Gothic novels are probably heavy on the atmosphere (so very different from Lovecraft), or that's what I remember from the class I took, anyway.

I uploaded 11 new icons today, because I noticed that I wasn't even close to my max. I say "new" icons, but they're actually ones that I made a couple years ago and never used. There were a few fairy tale ones -- like my new default -- and fairy tales have been very much on my mind since I got obsessed with McKillip. I've been thinking about reading some of the Datlow/Windling collections sometime soon. Maybe after The Monk and Northanger Abbey.

I recently had a dream about stonebender, which is kind of weird, because I haven't seen him in forever. We were trapped under something and were trying to figure out how to get ourselves free. That's all I remember.

Last night I had a bad dream about a murderer trying to catch me. At first, I was the person he was chasing, and I kept screaming and screaming for someone to help me, but then I was someone nearby, hearing the screaming, and I opened my door and let the chased person inside. I rapidly locked the door, but the murderer came in the back door before I could stop him. But I ran at him and leapt into the air, kicking him in the head. I think that's the first time I've ever attacked the person chasing me in my dreams. It rocked.
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