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Sunday Evening Random Ramble

Icon used because wesleysgirl bought a copy of Howl's Moving Castle yesterday. Yay, Howl's Moving Castle! I should watch that on DVD sometime, since I haven't watched it since I bought it. I loved the book even more than the movie. It made more sense.

Finished reading Welcome to the Monkey House (Vonnegut) today. I was putting each story into the Xenagia index and writing a synopsis for each as I read. I found that I, in general, preferred his science fiction stories to his non-genre stories. I also found -- or remembered, anyway -- that he is very cynical. I felt like a ray of sunshine in comparison.

Moved on to re-reading the third Harry Potter. I wanted something I could read quickly before the library gets Singularity Sky for me, and this fit the bill. Plus, I can then rate and review it for Xenagia. I don't remember it well enough to rate it right now. I remember a werewolf teacher (Lupin), an animagus dog god-father (Sirius), the first appearance of Harry's patronus, and not a lot else. Probably also the first appearance of the dementors?

And yes, I'm thinking a lot about Xenagia lately.

Shannon bought the hardcover collection of the Heroes comic book while we were downtown today. He seemed surprised when I told him that I wouldn't be reading any comics if he wasn't buying them, because I wouldn't be buying any on my own. He asked, "Even the last Y: The Last Man trade?" And I said, "Even that. I might see if I could borrow it from someone, but I wouldn't buy it." I read some of his comics and enjoy them, but in general I'm not a comics gal. In truth, upon considering the issue further, I probably would buy the last Y: The Last Man trade if I already owned all the others, just for completeness's sake. That sort of thing bothers me more than Shannon. It bugs me, for example, that we own the first four Harry Potters and the seventh, but not the fifth or sixth. And we own the seventh in hardcover, whereas all the others are trade paperback. That bugs me, too. It doesn't look so nice on the shelf.

Played Dance Dance Revolution with Shannon today, after I'm not sure how long. I've moved on from the easiest level to the second-easiest level, and it's giving me a much better work-out. I waited a long time to move from the easiest level, which Shannon says is because I'm afraid of messing up. I do mess up a lot more on the higher level, and I don't like messing up, so he's probably right. I kept wanting to get perfect at the lower level before I moved on, but I never got perfect at it. Now I'm doing even less perfect at the higher level, but I'm still doing pretty well. I'm earning B's instead of A's, but that's fine. I probably wouldn't have moved on without Shannon's encouragement, not so soon, anyway. I'm glad I finally did.

I've been drinking tea lately, which is nice. I got out of the habit for some reason these past couple of years, but the cold weather has been encouraging me. I own tons of tea, so it's nice to have many choices when I feel like it. Of course, I almost always go for The Republic of Tea's "Ginger Peach" or "Tea of Inquiry." If it's late in the day, say after dinnertime, I go for mint herbal tea so it won't keep me up. I also like Tazo's "Calm" tea, especially when I'm having trouble sleeping. I've never noticed that it helps, but I do like it. All my tea is old -- bought back when I used to drink tea all the time -- but it's all in air-tight containers, so it seems to be fine.

I've been feeling busy lately. I know most people would not consider reading "being busy," but to me it feels like it. I haven't been watching tv or reading fic, which feel like my "just wasting time" pursuits. Instead, I've been reading books and entering stuff into the Xenagia index. I feel like I'm using my time in productive ways, particularly with the Xenagia index, but also because reading feels productive to me.

I know a lot of people who read and write fic don't like the quick judgment that fic is inferior to published writing (which argument may sound silly to those who don't read/write fic), but in my experience most of it is. I've read a few fics that were written so well that I thought the author could be published -- and I've read some fic by published authors -- but most fic isn't written that well, and even less fic gives me something to think about. Granted, Harry Potter doesn't give me much to think about, either, and it isn't written very well, so maybe I'm making a meaningless distinction. If reading is purely about enjoyment, then I get a lot out of reading fic (and Harry Potter), but I feel like I get more out of reading Vonnegut, even if the pure enjoyment level is lower. I enjoy getting to use my brain, too, which is a different kind of enjoyment. So a book that makes me work a little bit may be less fun, but it yields other rewards. I guess that's why I enjoy both Harry Potter (and fic) and more serious books. I get different kinds of enjoyment out of each.

Speaking of which, I feel like getting back to my Harry Potter re-read. And maybe I'll make some more tea.



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Nov. 13th, 2007 03:21 am (UTC)
I do that with video games too, wanting to conquer the first level before moving on. I just like things to be... complete, I guess. I don't feel like it's complete until I've perfected/mastered it. Then I move on to level 2.

I think reading is being busy. And I know what you mean about published work versus fanfic. I think that it's only reasonable that published work (for the most part) is higher quality because those people are getting paid and have a vested interest in writing above the average. Whereas fanfic writers, (including me) sometimes don't even get their work betad before posting. We write for fun, not for profit, and consequently aren't as careful of our writing. We (at least I do) write more to imagery and emotion than I do for structure and/or even plot.

Anyway, that's my take on it.

What Xenagia?

Nov. 13th, 2007 03:35 am (UTC)
Xenagia is a science fiction / fantasy / horror website where they have forums and an index of books. I've been putting a lot of books into their index lately and rating/reviewing books I've read, too. I know you mostly read romance, but if you're interested in science fiction, fantasy, or horror, too, you should check it out.
Nov. 13th, 2007 04:07 am (UTC)
I do read scifi/fantasy. grew up on it and still re-read my favorites. occasionally i look for new stuff too :) I will check out the site. thanks!
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