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Picked up my proofreading project this afternoon and will begin work on it tomorrow.

I finished Children of God today, and I didn't like it as much as The Sparrow. Instead of telling one story from two perspectives -- like The Sparrow -- it tells two separate stories that eventually converge, and it felt scattered to me. As a result, it didn't have the emotional impact of The Sparrow. I cried a couple of times, but that was at the beginning. Usually, books make me cry at the end, because the whole book builds up to some emotional crisis, but this one wasn't like that. It's still a good book, but it doesn't compare to The Sparrow.

I've started reading John Crowley's Novelty, a collection of four stories, including the novella Great Work of Time. I'm part-way through Great Work of Time right now, and I'm not enjoying it much. The writing is sometimes dense and the vocabulary is sometimes obscure. I feel like I should be reading with a dictionary at my elbow. I wish I were enjoying this more, since I've loved John Crowley's work in the past, including his other collection of short stories, Antiquities, but Great Work of Time is feeling a little bit like work, and I haven't yet gotten enough reward for the amount of work I'm doing. I'm continuing on, though, because Crowley has a habit of enchanting me if I give him time. I still have hope.

I picked up Novelty because I was looking for something short to read, because I'm going to participate in the Xenagia reading group, which is going to read Charles Stross's Singularity Sky. It doesn't sound very interesting to me, but I'm willing to give it a try. Shannon says it is dense hard science fiction. Not my thing. But I've read other stuff that I deemed "not my thing" -- like Raymond Chandler -- and I've found stuff I like that way, so I'm not going to wimp out without even trying. I'm getting it from the library, but it won't arrive for a week or so, so I needed something else to read in the meantime.

What I'm really wanting to read right now is Aegypt, also by John Crowley. The tetralogy is complete, which is what I've been waiting for, and I find myself in the mood, but Singularity Sky comes first.
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