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Worrying about the cat ... and other stuff

Cobweb (our tabby cat) has wounds under her chin which have been bleeding and seemed infected, so we took her to the vet today. Apparently, she has kitty acne. It's all bloody and gross. So now she's wearing one of those cone-shaped plastic collars and keeps running into things, poor baby. And we have to put an ointment on her chin twice a day, which should be fun. We haven't tried to do it yet, but I can't imagine she's going to just sit there and let us do it. She seems very unhappy, wandering the house running into things, unable to settle. I'm worrying about her, hence the mood I chose for this entry.

More Dance Dance Revolution today. I stopped by EB Games and bought DDR SuperNova and so we tried that one out today. It has better songs, but the challenge mode (whatever it's called, the mode that allows you to meet challenges and win rewards like new songs) sucks. I see now why people on Amazon called DDR Extreme 2 the better game. I guess I made a good decision the first time, in choosing DDR Extreme 2 to buy. If I could do today over, I probably wouldn't buy SuperNova, but we have it now, so I'll do my best to enjoy it. I do like the songs.

I've been putting books into the Xenagia index lately, and I got to my John Crowley books, and so sat down and re-read Antiquities so that I could summarize each of the short stories contained therein. I had planned on inputting the Aegypt series next, but Shannon cautioned me about spoiling myself by reading the blurbs on the backs of the books, since I haven't read the series yet. At first I scoffed, but in the end I decided he was right, and so I didn't put those books into the index. Someday I'll read them. At first I was waiting until the series was finished -- because I hate reading something not knowing if it will ever be finished -- but now it's done and I still haven't started reading. John Crowley is a little challenging for my current cognitive abilities.

But just typing in the entries for Little, Big and Engine Summer made me want to re-read them. I've got a particular yen to re-read Engine Summer (it's the shorter and simpler of the two), so I might do that after I finish the Jasper Fforde novel I'm currently working on. The Jasper Fforde (The Well of Lost Plots) is going very slowly, because I'm spending most of my time on the Xenagia index rather than reading.

My latest musical obsession is a song by Santana and Alex Band called "Why Don't You and I." Last time I went out with Katherine, I was bemoaning the fact that I couldn't find it on iTunes, but sometime since I last looked (months? years?) they got it! So I've been listening to it over and over again, as I do with songs when I get obsessed with them. I like Alex Band's voice.

No other news tonight. Hope you're doing well.
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