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DDR, Homophobia, and Clerks

Played our new Dance Dance Revolution game (DDR Extreme 2) last night, and had much fun. It has a challenge mode that allows you to earn rewards, such as new songs, which I liked a lot. Apparently, our old DDR game had the same thing, but I never saw it. New songs just appeared by magic, but I guess Shannon was choosing them or something. The challenge mode also allows you to earn new clothes for your characters, which is less exciting, but we noticed that the new clothes for my character (who Shannon has dubbed "Low Self-Esteem Girl" because of her baggy clothes) are actually tight. Weird.

Finished the first season of Kaleido Star with Lisa today. I was a little bit bugged by the fact that she sees lesbian subtext everywhere in the show, because it made me feel like I was being homophobic -- or at least insensitive -- if I didn't see it. And I didn't see any of it. I don't know if Lisa felt I was being homophobic; I just felt like she did. It's probably all me.

Watched Clerks tonight with Shannon. We'd both seen it before, but we were watching it again because we recently watched An Evening with Kevin Smith and had an interest in watching Clerks II soon. I found that the movie wasn't as funny the second time around, and I was pained by the bad acting, especially by the bit players. I still enjoyed it, though, just not as much as the first time. I noticed, also, that Jay (of "Jay and Silent Bob" fame) isn't too annoying in small doses, which was a relief, because in larger doses he bugs the fuck out of me.

And right now I have a headache, so I think I'm going to go take some aspirin and stay away from the computer for a while.
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