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Dentists and Cats

I called and made a dentist appointment today. This may not sound like an accomplishment, but I've been putting it off for a couple of years, so I feel a sense of relief that I finally did it. I'm not afraid of going to the dentist or anything; I'm just hesitant to spend the money. Of course, I know that regular dental care prevents large costs like root canals, but sometimes it's hard to bear in mind the long-term benefits when I'm focusing on the short-term costs. I hope I don't have too many cavities as a result of waiting so long. (My teeth have deep grooves, so I'm prone to cavities.)

Speaking of the dentist, I was happy to learn that my old dentist is less expensive than the new one Shannon found (which is located a block from our house), because that means I can continue going to the dentist I already know and like. Yay! I hate choosing a new dentist. It's hard to find one I like, and I hate letting someone I don't like hurt me.

I've been helping Shannon the past few days with some data entry, entering books into the Xenagia index. Nothing major, but it's nice to be accomplishing something. I don't have a proofreading project I'm working on right now, so I'm a bit rootless.

I have a cat sitting on my lap as I type this. It's Munchkin (the black-and-white one), who has been a lot needier since we got the kitten. She gets along with the kitten a lot better these days -- I've even seen her bathe Lucy, though Lucy only put up with it for a few moments before going into attack mode -- and she's even started getting up on the bed again in the mornings, even if the kitten is there (which she almost always is). There's only hissing now when Lucy attacks one of the adult cats, which still happens a lot. When Lucy calms down more (she's already calmer than she was at first), I think they'll all get along fine.
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