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Had lunch at Noodle Theory today with Katherine, Michael, Andrew, and Lisa (and baby Mimi, of course). I'm not a big fan of noodles, but it was okay. The company was good, in any case.

On the walk home from Noodle Theory, Lisa and I stopped by Hopalong Rescue's little mobile adoption unit in front of Your Basic Bird. Lucy's sister was still there, along with several other kittens of various colors. I feel bad for Lucy's sister that she hasn't been adopted yet. She's probably even less likely to get adopted now that they have several more attractive (not all-black) kittens. They had some adorable tabbies.

Sometimes it seems like Munchkin is adjusting to the kitten, but other times not. Today I held the kitten for a little while to introduce her to Lisa, then put her away when Munchkin appeared. Then I let Munchkin smell my hand, and she hissed at my hand. I haven't seen her do that in weeks. She's also continuing to hiss at the door when Lucy is on the other side. Ah well.
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