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Had lunch at Noodle Theory today with Katherine, Michael, Andrew, and Lisa (and baby Mimi, of course). I'm not a big fan of noodles, but it was okay. The company was good, in any case.

On the walk home from Noodle Theory, Lisa and I stopped by Hopalong Rescue's little mobile adoption unit in front of Your Basic Bird. Lucy's sister was still there, along with several other kittens of various colors. I feel bad for Lucy's sister that she hasn't been adopted yet. She's probably even less likely to get adopted now that they have several more attractive (not all-black) kittens. They had some adorable tabbies.

Sometimes it seems like Munchkin is adjusting to the kitten, but other times not. Today I held the kitten for a little while to introduce her to Lisa, then put her away when Munchkin appeared. Then I let Munchkin smell my hand, and she hissed at my hand. I haven't seen her do that in weeks. She's also continuing to hiss at the door when Lucy is on the other side. Ah well.



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Jul. 16th, 2007 02:37 pm (UTC)

I feel bad for all-black kittens. I mean, they're adorable, because they're kittens, but there's something about a tabby, particularly a silver or ginger tabby, that's just so darn cute.

Every time I go to the cat adoption place, I find myself bonding with a fat, middle-aged male cat. I wonder why. :-) I think maybe when the girls are gone, we'll adopt one of them. After all, if it weren't for Amy, I'd be a fat, middle-aged lonely guy, too. Though I probably wouldn't have FIV, which one old guy I remember, Frank, sadly did. Since it's hard to mainline heroin if you have no thumbs, I'm guessing he got it through a lot of unprotected back-alley sex (he was, after all, quite handsome). Of course, it's also hard to put on a tiny condom if you have no thumbs, so I don't blame the victim. :-) As far as FIV goes, I've heard that if you keep them indoors they can live more or less normal lives.

I'm so jealous of my friend who have male cats because every one of them (the cats, not the friends) is so darn big! Not fat, just big, muscular, and ferocious-predator looking (until they want their belly rubbed). Large and in charge. Tess and Bess are so tiny and delicate by comparison.

Of course, I love my girls the best. Bess in particular has been missing Amy and snuggling up to me a lot more than usual. Tess lets me know she wants petting by petting me on the chin, sometimes with a little bit of claw for emphasis. Since I don't want to hemorrhage to death, it's quite effective. Now Bess has picked up on that move, too, though she usually prefers slamming her body against mine and rolling over so I can rub her tummy. Now that they have only one human temporarily, they've reached some sort of a truce in their long feud and will often get quite close together on my lap when they're in the mood for affection.

Anyway, I really should do some work...

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