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Yesterday we put Lucy in a laundry basket again to show her to the cats. We'd moved past the laundry basket into just letting them roam free in the same room, but we decided to back up because Munchkin was freaking out so bad. Yesterday morning's visit went well, with no hissing from Munchkin, but all the visits since then have been full of hissing and growling. I wouldn't mind if she was hissing a little bit, like Cobweb is, but Munchkin hisses constantly.

Lucy is an absolute monster today, racing around and attacking everything, including my feet and legs, which makes it hard to walk. She's driving me crazy. It would be easier if she had the run of the house, since she would be able to play all over the place and wouldn't always be underfoot, but we can't do that with Munchkin reacting the way she is.

I don't know what we're going to do about Munchkin. The sites I've read online have said that some animals won't adjust, and if that's the case you should get rid of the new animal or both animals are likely to develop behavior problems. I don't want to have to get rid of Lucy, so I'm willing to give Munchkin time (though the sites also say that the longer it takes, the less likely the animals are to adjust), but I don't know how to tell if we're making progress when she keeps growling and hissing so much. I don't know how long you're supposed to try before concluding that the cat isn't going to adjust. Longer than a couple weeks, I'm sure, so we'll keep trying. It's just frustrating to see no apparent progress.

Last night we went to see Sicko. I didn't find it as interesting as Michael Moore's other movies, probably because it didn't surprise me very often. I already know about socialized medicine, which was more than half the movie. I'm sure that stuff was shocking to people who are only familiar with the American healthcare system. When we were leaving the theater, I said to Shannon, "I wonder how many people leave this movie with a desire to move out of the country," and Shannon replied, "I feel that way after all of Michael Moore's movies."

Lucy has finally collapsed. Thank GOD.
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