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Mysterious Cheese ... and the Kitten

Brunch and Ranma with Lisa today, after a 3- or 4-week gap. We just both had other things going on for a while there, including kitten shopping on my end. At Saul's I had an omelette containing a mysterious cheese whose name I can't recall. It started with an "m," but also contained a "ch" and an "ng," if I remember correctly. I think it maybe ended in a vowel. I'd never heard of it before, but I'm generally willing to try new cheeses. The only one I've ever tried and not liked was muenster. Yuck. The "m" "ch" "ng" cheese today was fine, but there were lots of other things in the omelette, so I couldn't really describe it to you. Maybe similar to goat cheese? Mmm ... goat cheese.

Today was the first time we left the kitten alone for a significant amount of time, since Shannon and I both left the house at 12:30 and I got home around 6. She didn't even have other cats to keep her company, since she's still in isolation. I came home to a complete monster; she's racing around like a total spazz. Then she sat in her water dish and tipped the whole thing over onto the floor (and kept biting me when I tried to dry her off). We leave her alone longer than this overnight, but she isn't usually this crazy in the morning. Maybe she's just in a mood and it has nothing to do with being left alone.

Cobweb was lurking outside my closed office (where the kitten is) when I got done cleaning up the water spill. She acted like she wanted to come inside, which she's been doing a lot lately. Shannon speculates that she's now more perturbed at not being able to go where she wants than she is afraid of the kitten. She still hisses at Lucy when she sees her close up, though.

I've been very tired all day today, though I don't know why. I think I slept okay last night. My mind kept wandering while we were watching Ranma, like it does close to bedtime, and right now I feel like it should be more like 11:30 than 9:30. Maybe I'll have to go to bed early.
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