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It's been a week since we brought home the new kitten.

The cats seem a little calmer. Still not great, but better. Yesterday, Lucy chased Cobweb across my office, and Shannon seemed concerned that this would set things back, but it doesn't seem to have had any effect.

Munchkin shows little interest in the kitten. This is weird, since she spent days sitting outside my office, hissing. Maybe she's too scared to investigate when the kitten is right there in the room with her. Mostly, she just looks away, though she growls if the kitten gets too close. We've been lucky that the kitten hasn't directly approached her, because I don't think she would take it well.

Cobweb shows interest, but she isn't hissing as much as she did at first. Now she mostly only hisses when the kitten acts like a little monster, lunging at Cobweb, wanting to play. Cobweb doesn't like getting too close, either.

One problem is that the kitten doesn't seem to understand that growling and hissing mean "Go away." She blithely continues approaching, no matter how Cobweb and Munchkin react.

Shannon says he thinks they're almost ready to be fully integrated, but I think they need more time. Just seeing how scared Cobweb was when Lucy chased her yesterday tells me they wouldn't do well with no supervision. I'm not sure what amount of time Shannon is thinking about, but I figure it might be another week before we can let the kitten out of isolation. That's just a rough estimate, though. It could be longer.

It's good to see that Cobweb and Munchkin have calmed down a little bit, though. They still aren't happy, but the constant hissing has abated.
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