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Operation Kitten continues. We introduced the cats briefly on Saturday, but since then we've been keeping the kitten (now tentatively named Lucy, short for Lucifer) isolated. During the day, the kitten stays with me in my office with the door closed, and in the evening she's with Shannon in his office with the door closed. Most of the day, Munchkin crouches outside my office door and hisses, occasionally adding a growl for variety's sake. She hasn't calmed down at all thus far.

Shannon's been reading online about introducing new cats to a household, and he now seems convinced that Munchkin will adapt. (Hence our naming the kitten. We were holding off in case we didn't keep her, so that we wouldn't get too attached.) I, on the other hand, have grown less convinced, just because Munchkin is freaking out so thoroughly. I figured she would calm down in a day or two, but it's been two full days, and she's as freaked out as ever. My primary concern at this point is whether we thoroughly traumatize Munchkin and make her life hell. I don't want her feeling constantly threatened in her own home, so if she doesn't adjust, then I want the kitten gone. We have two weeks to decide whether we're keeping the kitten, because Hopalong Rescue will take her back within that period of time. I think that will give us enough time to see if Munchkin will adapt. If Munchkin is still hissing this much after two weeks, the kitten goes.

We'll probably keep the wee beastie isolated for another few days. It's annoying, though, because I feel trapped in my office all day. I always thought I sat at my computer all the time, but now I realize how much I move around the house. I can't wait until the kitten is free to roam, so that I don't have to be confined with her. She's a wild animal much of the time, frantically racing around and attacking things (hence the name Lucifer), but right now she's just sitting on my lap again.

Tomorrow she goes to the vet to (1) get stitches removed from her spaying, (2) get her second round of shots, and (3) get her cold checked out. She seems to be a little bit sick, with a runny nose and occasional sneezing. We're hoping the isolation will keep it from traveling to Cobweb and Munchkin.
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