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New Kitten

I'm typing this with the new kitten on my lap, purring like crazy. She's all black, and she is, as yet, nameless. She's 11 weeks old, so I guess she was born around April 7th. She's one of the kittens we saw last week, but I was hoping for a not-all-black kitten (they just aren't as cute), so we waited. This week, there were only two kittens to choose from, both all black. I had stated that I wouldn't hold us up waiting for a non-black kitten this week, so we chose one and brought her home.

She found the walk home in the box to be rather traumatic. She cried the whole time. Shannon tried to calm her down by talking to her, but it didn't seem to make any difference. Scary dark box! Moving around!

When we got her home, we introduced her to Cobweb and Munchkin. We had predicted that Cobweb would be a big problem, but she didn't seem too bothered. She didn't hiss or growl at all. Munchkin, on the other hand, hissed (as expected) and started this strange stuttering meow that sounds a little bit like the "oh, look, there's a bird" sound cats make. It's different from that sound, but it stutters like that. She started hissing at Cobweb, too, which she does when she's really upset. The new kitten is oblivious, just interested in everything, including the older cats. She doesn't seem to notice the hissing.

Shannon seems very concerned about Munchkin. I figure she'll calm down, but it might take her a few days. She freaks out when we move and goes around hissing at walls for days, but she eventually calms down. I figure the kitten will be similar. If worse comes to worse, we can take the kitten back to Hopalong Rescue within the next two weeks, so we have a little while to see how Munchkin reacts.

The new kitten purrs if you so much as touch her, and she keeps standing up on her hind legs and stretching her front paws up onto me. It's very cute.
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