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May. 1st, 2007

Started my proofreading project today, and it's going slowly. The letter says they expect the project to take a max of 10 hours, and that I should tell them if it's going to take longer than that (so that they can decide whether I should continue or not). My sample today says it's going to take me longer than that, but I hate to be a problem. I'm going to see how things go tomorrow and hope that I speed up. After a couple of hours I should have a better idea.

Watched "Veronica Mars" tonight and loved the episode. I've always been a sucker for the Logan/Veronica thing, and so the tension there made me happy. Ironically, I was also happy with the Piz kissing, because I like Piz. I look forward to more Logan/Veronica tension next week, though I expect it to be resolved relatively quickly. Personally, I would like to see Logan and Veronica back together, but I doubt that's where things are going. I'm just glad that the writers didn't pretend that everything was just suddenly over -- presto! friends! -- with no period of lingering weirdness.

Attended my copyediting class, and we talked about punctuation. I find it an easy topic, so I enjoyed the discussion. I did, however, have the university-reminiscent experience of sitting there and thinking, "Boy, these people ask stupid questions." I have trouble with a lot of the other stuff we do there, though, so I try not to judge too much.


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