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Tried to call my dad today, but there was no answer at his friends' house. I'll try again tomorrow.

Watched another episode of "Smallville," and I can already see why people 'shipped Clark and Lex. Even Shannon commented on it. When we first talked about watching the show, I was interested just because I'd heard so much about it, but today I realized -- duh -- that I'm watching the show with a comic book expert. So Shannon keeps filling me in on which characters are in the comic books and suchlike. My own understanding of Superman comes almost exclusively from the Christopher Reeve movies, which don't include much about his youth, so I'm mostly clueless. And, anyway, I saw the movies a very long time ago and remember little about them. He had some kind of fortress made of ice, right?

Read about punctuation for my copyediting class. Those pesky commas! I have another 20 pages or so to read before Tuesday night. I actually enjoy reading about punctuation, because -- yes -- I am a freak. It's hard to absorb everything, though, when you're reading something so dense. I never realized there were so many nit-picky comma rules. Or, rather, I realized they existed but never bothered to memorize them all. I think the best I can do is recognize the situations in which I should look up the rule in Chicago, rather than expecting to memorize everything. Sitting down and memorizing a few dozen pages on punctuation isn't realistic. Some of the stuff in what I'm reading is obvious, but a lot of it really isn't.

Tomorrow my new proofreading project arrives. Woo hoo!
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