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I talked to my dad today, and he says he can't walk anymore (no balance) and he's been losing consciousness sometimes. His friend -- whom I spoke to earlier today when I couldn't reach my dad directly -- also said that Dad spends much of the day sleeping and has been having problems with tunnel vision. I'm not sure when all this came on -- whether it was gradual or sudden -- but Dad hasn't mentioned any of it before this. I've been long aware that he doesn't really tell me what's going on most of the time. I think he doesn't like to talk about the bad stuff, and I don't like to nag him for info.

Ever the optimist, Dad says he hopes he's feeling better by the time I come to visit in a little more than two weeks. I made agreeing noises, but these really don't sound like the sort of problems that are going to get better. I'm much more pessimistic (or perhaps realistic) than my dad is, but it's his attitude that really matters, since it's his health we're talking about.

I hope things don't get worse between now and the 11th, when I fly out there. I mean, I know things are going to get worse -- it's inevitable -- but I guess I don't like to think about it. Maybe I'm not so realistic after all.
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