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Went for a walk with Katherine and Mimi today, which was nice. The weather was glorious. Made my annual stop by Walgreens to buy half-price Easter candy (Cadbury caramel eggs), which I may never eat. I'm not big on candy -- I still have a months-old Reese's peanut butter cup in the freezer and a big bag of M&M's left over from Christmas -- but this is an annual thing, so it had to be done. The eggs aren't available at other times of year, so it's get 'em now or don't get 'em at all. They were super cheap, anyway. Only 25¢ each!

Been listening to the Once More with Feeling soundtrack and remembering how much I like it. It makes me nostalgic for Spike/Buffy. Ah ... my first fandom pairing.

Speaking of fandom pairings, Shannon and I have been watching the final season of The West Wing from Netflix, and I've been gratified that the Josh/Donna thing is getting attention. I'm a big Josh/Donna 'shipper, have been for ages. My favorite plot line of the whole show was when Donna almost died and Josh flew around the world on a moment's notice to be with her. It was just so romantic. (At one point, I had "josh/donna" listed under my LJ interests, but I see I took it off at some point.)

I haven't been enjoying Red Earth and Pouring Rain, so I haven't been reading much. Every time I put down the book, I promptly forget where I am in the story, and so have to back up every time I start reading again. I think it's something to do with the fragmented storytelling. I remember the framing story perfectly well, but the interior stories don't stick with me. It's probably just my bad memory. Also, lots of names. Lots of characters, most of them with unfamiliar-sounding Indian names. Currently, I'm still planning to keep trying, but I may soon declare defeat and move on to something else. Why read something for pleasure if it isn't a pleasure?
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