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Talked to my dad today, and apparently the radiation isn't helping. They've told him to start thinking in the short term.

My dad was talking about me coming to visit for his birthday in mid-May, so at least he isn't putting it off indefinitely. I hate to leave it even that late, since you never know, but I have to take his wants into consideration. He's talking about starting an annual Bob Cline party, starting this year on his birthday. He plans to be around for this to be an annual thing.

My dad is trying to get a divorce from my step-mom, who he hasn't seen in about 20 years. He wants to get a divorce primarily so that his estate doesn't go to her, but it seems like he's left it a bit late. I doubt he'll live 'til the divorce goes through, though that feels very negative, thinking that. Dad likes to think positive. I find it difficult.

He's going home from the hospital on Friday, and they won't be doing any more radiation. That sounds to me like giving up. The doctors giving up, that is.

I feel numb about the whole thing. I've been dealing with his imminent death for more than a year, now, so it isn't a shock that it's drawing closer. Now I'm just worried about getting in one last visit. I hope mid-May isn't too late.
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