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Insomnia last night. I was up until 5 or so. Cobweb kept wanting to sit on me, which is unusual, so I let her, because I always feel honored when she deigns to pay attention to me. (She loves Shannon.) Having her sit on my lap, however, meant I couldn't read the gigantic Harry Potter I just started, so I ended up watching tv instead.

My mom sent a package this week, including a pair of jeans. I was dubious, because I have great difficulty finding jeans that fit me, but they fit perfectly! Miracle of miracles! They're a tiny bit baggy in the butt and a tiny bit short, but I can deal with that. So I went online and bought another pair in the same style (they're Levi's) in a less odd color. (The ones she sent are cream, which I will almost never wear. I ordered stonewashed blue.) I'm very excited to have another pair of jeans that actually fit. I can stop wearing my baggy ones!

Today Lisa and I decided to stay away from Ranma for another week and instead watched the first 6 episodes of Lain, which I didn't like at all. Lain is about an eighth-grader (in Japan's eighth grade, which is, according to what I've read online, approximately age 14, though this girl seems *much* younger than that) who becomes obsessed with "the Wired," which is basically just a version of the Internet, except that it's a spooky Internet. And the main character, who starts out as annoyingly stupid, turns out to be some kind of Internet god. I found the main character to be uninteresting (and often irritating) and the writing to be too spare in some places (nothing going on but still images), too wordy in others (hello to the sudden bursts of exposition). I told Lisa she can watch the rest of the series without me. I've seen enough. Poor Lisa. She doesn't like it either, but she actually bought it, on the recommendations of a few different people. Now she wasted her money. When she first told me about it, I wondered at the extravagance of buying something you'd never seen before and don't know if you'll like, and here's why. When I think about buying something on DVD, I get it from Netflix first so I can watch it and see what I think. (My manga/anime icon reminds me of anime I actually *do* like. Yay, Witch Hunter Robin! Now, I would buy Witch Hunter Robin, Cowboy Bebop, and Wolf's Rain in a second if I could afford them.)

Lain has left me in sort of a bad mood. It probably doesn't help that I got little sleep last night. Maybe tonight will be better.



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Mar. 11th, 2007 06:54 am (UTC)
*hugs* sorry you're out of sorts and didn't have a good viewing experience. I don't know much about anime, I've only watched I think a few DVDs of Devil (or maybe Demon?) Hunter Yoko? which I liked, but don't remember much because it was years ago.

Also, I used to watch Sailor Moon when I was back in college :D I actually used to wake up to watch it at 7am every morning. I actually woke up more often for Sailor Moon then I did for my classes :D lol.

Mar. 13th, 2007 06:08 pm (UTC)
I saw a couple episodes of Sailor Moon several years ago, but all I remember was the romantic interest, Tuxedo Mask. I thought he was pretty hot.
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