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My random, disorganized, not-very-well-thought-out thoughts on tonight's Buffy episode, immediately after watching:

I wonder if eventually I will stop yelling, "Mummy hand!" during the new credits and laughing at the Tabula Rasa group scream. Thus far, I'm 5 for 5.

Loved basically all of the subtitles in the flashbacks with Olaf. Made me laugh out loud more than once. But, then, I've watched a lot of Hong Kong flicks, and am easily amused by stilted subtitles. Or, as my husband would point out, I'm easily amused. Period.

Anya looked gorgeous in almost every scene. Loved the long dark hair on her as Aud. Very pretty.

Loved the basement scene, despite what anyone else thinks. I think it opens up a lot of questions about what exactly is going on with Spike ... questions I'm looking forward to seeing answered. And, to be honest, as a television viewer, I think Spike would be more interesting on the show if he did get his butt out of the basement ... so, in a way, I agree with Buffy, even if I don't agree with her in-character reasons. She's been making a lot of these impatient, frustrated, eye-rolling faces around Spike (like last week when she so rudely snapped her fingers in front of his face) that make her look pretty damn unsympathetic, so I'm hoping that's leading somewhere.

I. Actually. Cheered. For. Xander. Yes, folks, Satan must be putting on his mittens (oops, sorry anniesj, I stole that from "The Last Summer"), because I was cheering for Xander in this episode. More than once. And I haven't done that in a really long time. In the first couple seasons, Xander was one of my favorite characters, but he started to grate on my nerves at some point. It was nice to actually like him again!

Did anyone else get the impression, based on Buffy's sarcastic tone of voice, that she knew that Xander had lied to her about Angel? I mean, now that I think about it, if Buffy has half a brain it wouldn't have been that difficult to figure out in the aftermath, while she was slaving away in that diner all summer, that if Willow was still working on the spell she wouldn't have sent along a message encouraging Buffy to kick Angel's ass. So, the way I interpreted this scene tonight was that the only thing being revelealed was that Buffy knew about Xander's little ethical faux pas that led to her killing her One True Love. And, apparently, she'd let it slide until the argument in this episode.

I was mildly annoyed by Buffy's ramble about how much she loved Angel and how she'll never love anyone else that much ... but I know that's just the Spike!Lover in me, so I mostly ignored that little voice's whinging. Though ... as an adult ... I do have to say that a grown woman still waxing quite that rhapsodic about the person she loved when she was 17 seems a little pathetic. Grow up, move on, and get into a mature, adult relationship, already! I don't even care that much who it's with, but just quit living in the past. Boooooring.

Thought Xander's comment about Buffy not killing Spike just 'cause they were doing the nasty was more than a little illogical, since the only reason B was planning to kill Anya was because Anya was actively causing harm to lots o' people. She never tried to kill Anya just because she used to harm people, or even because she might harm people again in the future ... she waited until Anya actually did something. And if Spike had ever done anything like what Anya was doing, Buffy would have killed him. (Or at least tried.)

I definitely think Buffy was overly hasty with the kill-Anya-without-even-talking-to-her thing, but that's been building for a long time. I mean, way back in Season 2, Buffy said, "I don't always use violence. Do I?" and Xander replied, "The important thing is you believe that." There've been lots of subtle references to her slap-happiness over the years ... now that the references have been made so overt, I hope that means they're actually going to lead to some sort of resolution.

Overall, I liked the fact that this episode pulled a lot of long-standing issues back to the fore: Buffy's hang-ups remaining from the Angel soul-no!soul-soul debacle ... the simplistic demons=bad humans=good thing (Xander seemed, instead, to divide it into friends vs. non-friends) ... Buffy's quickness to kill rather than try to solve problems through less violent means ... Xander's big fat betraying selfish lie to Buffy in Season 2 ... Xander's role as a sort of protector/guard dog o' the helpless female types (this one squicks the feminist in me a little bit ... he's just always so quick to assume that women need his protection, when Willow and Buffy could both kick his ass in miliseconds ... hell, Dawn could probably kick his ass, at this point).

There were more things I thought and wanted to write, but I'd rather go get some other stuff done.

Me? Rather do something other than talk/write about Buffy? Guess I really am getting a bit of my life back!
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